How A Forced Matrix Works In Internet Marketing Home Business And That Free Thing

Published: 21st March 2011
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As a weather reporter, your job is to forewarn others about weather disturbances and storms in order to be better prepared for any circumstance. However, as a business opportunity seeker, who will better prepare your scope and understanding of the Great Information Flood on the internet. According to virtual space, every ship is loaded and ready to sail with amazing features, more fantastic than the next, and every life raft is filled with well experienced captains to steer you to safe and prosperous destinations.

Stop! I want off this High Pressure Information Overload. I want something basic and easy to follow from the comfort of my home, family and friends. As an experienced network marketer, I can give you some reasons for a special recommendation which may just prove to be your safe harbour from this economic storm.

First, let's look at this home business environment and some basic definitions to better chart your directions.

Can you tell the difference between network marketing and internet marketing? Many people try to make profits online by joining affiliate programs like Click Bank, Adsense, Amazon, and E-bay. The money you earn from them is only based on whether a visitor clicks on ads or buys a product. You never know the actual earnings by month because they could be different each month and they are not consider residual.

People who prefer residual income which comes in regularly every month with regular consumers, often consider MLM or multi-level-marketing. Basically, a MLM or network marketing is where you promote a product or service and you get people to join your downline and you earn a small percentage of what they make and their referrals. The more you recruit the more you make.The problem with this is that sometimes you join a system and your sponsor does not help you enough and you get stuck with the rest of the 95% of MLM marketers who fail to meet their profit setting goals.

THE SOLUTION is a payment plan based on A FORCED MATRIX. This is the quickest and most efficient way to prosper in Multi-Level marketing and grow a network. Forced matrix systems are the best ways to guarantee success because your sponsor is obligated to help you in order for him to make money.

Here is a how a forced matrix works:

•You can only have a certain amount of people directly sponsor under you.

•You will receive Spill Over and Spill Under to help your business grow faster.

•Spill Over is when your sponsor can have only a certain amount of people on each level and new people he sponsors need to go down onto the next level, namely yours.

•Spill Under is when the people under you sponsor people making your business grow.

Read the following statement carefully. If you know what the three features are you can check out the website. If you don't know how to define these benefits, then you will want to continue reading. If you want a different destination, it's important to get the directions right.

This home business opportunity involves three outstanding features: world's top internet marketers, forced matrix, and free products and services.

1. World's top internet marketers…what are the advantages of being in a forced matrix with some of the world's top internet marketers who are using network marketing principles. Twelve Leaders in the world have come together to develop what will be the biggest year in Internet Marketing history. These dozen Internet Marketers were responsible for growing several companies by over 10,000,000 members last year. And now they have all come together and joined forces in one company.

2. This company's forced matrix is 3 X 8 which means each level grows by a multiplication of 3. It starts with: level 1: 3 positions level 2: 9 positions level 3: 27 positions level 4: 81 positions all the way to Level 8: with 6561 positions. A full matrix at this point is now worth $7280.40 per month.

Everyone is paid on 100% of the people who fall into their Matrix, whether they have sponsored anyone or not.

So here is the huge LIFE-TRANSFORMING question: Do you see the value of building this matrix with the help of a few top internet marketers? An average person cannot do this alone. In my opinion, the internet has evolved to where the top marketers can now share their expertise and their contacts to help average citizens like me and you. I wouldn't miss this opportunity for all the tea leaves in India.

3. The products and services are free…how amazing is this. How can this stuff be free? Companies give away free samples of their products and services all the time because it's a very effective way to get people to try them. Especially right now, with the global economy down companies are giving away more free stuff than ever before. The problem is they don't have the budgets to advertise them effectively. That's where this new opportunity called That Free Thing comes in. They offer free product samples, free promotional items, free trials for services and more.

The last word is from my sponsor who is one of these outstanding internet marketers:

My partners and I will be putting thousands of new people into this business over the next 3-6 months and beyond. Do you want to be in above those people in my forced matrix? Do you want to be able to offer this same opportunity to join before 1000's of people do - to your close contacts?

Here's where the potentials starts to shine for you. This company, That Free Thing, has a NO SPONSORING REQUIRED forced matrix compensation plan, which means that you can qualify for a check if you get started right now and potentially get 1,000's if not 10,000's of people filling up the forced matrix under you and contributing to your home income.

This is a NO LOSE opportunity. If you decide to share it with 1,10, 100, or nobody, there is one essential thing you need to do and that is to get started right now and lock in your position in the forced matrix.You are at the very beginning of something very big. This is a simple $25 decision today to grab your position. It's NOT $100's of dollars. Only $25 to secure your spot, then just $9.95 per month to qualify for your checks."

As a final updated statement, That Free Thing company enrolled 10,000 members in their first pre-launch week. Others "got it" even at the very beginning. What about you?


Annemarie Berukoff enjoys early teaching retirement and network marketing success. Her motto is to help every family achieve success with simple 3 steps marketing education. Your turn to check exciting home business: ThatFreeThing . Get paid to share free products /services. 714 432 0075 Pin 775913 Mon - Fri 12:00 PM PST or 6:30 PM PST Request webinar not want to miss out

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